Hakko Denshin Ryu JuJutsu is a Traditional Japanese self-defence system. This gentle art does not employ the use of strength or demanding physical movements.  Students are taught to practice with relaxation, aiki and precision of technique. If a student resorts to using strength while practicing, then they are practicing incorrectly. Hakko Denshin Ryu JuJutsu does not rely on the use of brutal techniques.  It specializes in the use of wristlocks, joint manipulation, throws and pressure along the body's meridian system. The result often causes a very sharp and intense pain.  It is an art that must be felt and cannot be learned from any book or video. Regarded as a humane self-defence system, Hakko Denshin Ryu's aim is to neutralize, control and discourage an attacker without causing permanent damage. 


KoKoDo Shiatsu Igaku (keiraku shiatsu)

The second part of the Hakko Denshin system deals with the care, balance and healing of the body.  This is called the KoKoDo Shiatsu (Imperial Light Way of finger pressure).  These techniques use pressure points along the body's meridian system to ease soreness, muscular fatigue and promote overall good health and balance for the entire body. A student of Hakko Denshin Ryu must learn this side of the art to gain the full understanding of Hakko Denshin Ryu Methods. The gentle art of Hakko Denshin Ryu and KoKoDo Shiatsu has become popular in North America mainly through the efforts of Menkyo Kaiden-Shihan San-Dai Kichu Michael J. LaMonica, the Head Instructor of the Eighth Light Dojo and Director of the Hakko Denshin Ryu Ju Jutsu Federation here in America.


Our dojo is a loyal member of the Hakko Denshin Ryu JuJutsu Federation and its umbrella organization, the KoKoDo Renmei. Our main goal is to assist in the preservation and dissemination of Hakko Denshin Ryu JuJutsu and KoKoDo Shiatsu.


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